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Russia, Novosibirsk, Gogol St., 189/1


Every morning in our restaurant on the ground floor, delicious breakfasts and business lunches are served in the "Buffet" format, coffee breaks and buffets for your event. The Avanta team also has vast experience in organizing weddings and catering, and our pastry shop will prepare a cake according to your sketches.


Every morning a buffet for hotel guests and everyone!

Every morning from 7:00 to 10:00 (weekends until 11:00) in our restaurant breakfast is served for hotel guests, which can be visited by everyone. The format is a buffet, it will definitely have dishes and products that you like. Price - 900 rubles per person.

Start your day at the Avanta hotel restaurant, because a good day starts with a good breakfast. We have chosen the buffet format so that on the one hand we do not delay the guests, on the other hand we provide a variety of dishes and satisfy the gastronomic preferences of everyone. See you in the morning!

Complex lunch

Complex lunch for hotel guests and everyone!

On weekdays from 12:00 to 14:00, we invite you to a comprehensive lunch of the hotel guests and everyone who wants satisfying, quickly and tasty dinner. Price - only 369 rubles per person.

The complex lunch menu is quite diverse. Every day we offer our guests a lunch from salad, soup, hot and desserts.

The restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the hotel.

Please Note:

On some days, the restaurant may be closed due to a banquet.

If desired, the ordered dinner can pick up with you.

Furshets and coffee breaks

Variety of light snacks and graceful serving!

The team of the Avanta restaurant organizes first-class buffets for those who hold holidays, seminars or trainings in our hotel. Guests and participants of your event will appreciate the variety of light snacks and the elegance of serving!

Why should you choose a buffet table? The main distinctive advantage of the format is complete freedom of movement for the event participants. The invitees can communicate with a large number of guests, not limited to tablemates.

Another plus is the ability to receive and serve a larger number of guests in the same area. If you organize a buffet for a wedding, then its cost per one invitee will be lower than the cost of a banquet table. Each guest will be able to choose dishes according to their taste from a wide range of products.

You can leave a request and ask questions by phone or via online chat on the website.


A significant date is approaching, is there a reason to gather close people or colleagues at the same table? We offer to organize a banquet at the Avanta restaurant. At your service is an elegant and cozy room for a company of up to 30 people, located on the 1st floor of the business hotel.

The restaurant can host a birthday, anniversary, graduation, corporate party, children's party or other event. The Avanta team has extensive experience in organizing celebrations. You will be offered different options for the festive menu, room decoration and celebration.

The average check for 1 person is 1,800 rubles. What is included in this amount?

Cold snacks:

  • Assorted canapes
  • Cold cuts
  • Fish plateau
  • Siberian snack
  • Mushroom
  • Cheese platter
  • Eggplant snack with nuts
  • Tomato and beef salad
  • Chicken and mushroom salad
  • Squid and shrimp salad

Hot dish:

Pork loin with prune sauce - served with baked potatoes and vegetables with porcini mushroom sauce.

A party for 20 guests will cost you 30,000 rubles. You can bring your own alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, we do not charge a cork fee.


Order the perfect wedding and get gifts and bonuses!

A wedding is the most touching, happy, exciting and beautiful moment in a couple's life. Everything on this day should be at the highest level: delicious food, exquisite interior, live music, the best mood. A wedding at the Avanta restaurant will be just that!

Order a wedding with us and get gifts and bonuses: a slide of champagne, a night in a decorated room, a discount on a wedding cake or a sweet table.

Want to completely free yourself from worries? You can order a full wedding complex from us - starting with a bachelor / bachelorette party, continuing with the gathering of the bride and groom, a photo session, holding the main event and ending with a romantic night in a comfortable room.

Cakes, candy-bar and catering

Order a sweet buffet at the Avanta restaurant. It will be delicious and beautiful!

Candy bar is a sweet buffet table. Chocolate and marmalade, dragees and marzipans, marshmallows, meringues, other sweets are laid out in jars and trays, decorated with designer accessories, emphasizing the theme of the celebration. Order a candy bar at the Avanta restaurant!

We will create a sweet table according to your wishes and taking into account the peculiarities of the celebration. We treat each candy bar in a creative and special way. Decorating and serving the table is only a visible part of the work. From what is not visible, but strongly influences the result, let's call the creation of a table concept, selection of confectionery products, including handmade sweets.

A sweet table without a cake is impossible! Our pastry chefs will be happy to prepare it - beautiful, fresh, melting in the mouth and meeting your idea of ​​the perfect cake.

Pastry prices:

Cupcakes, biscuit cakes, glazed cakes, eclairs, sand baskets with berries, macaroons, rolls with vanilla cream - from 50 rubles.

Desserts in glasses, milfey with berries or fruits - from 70 rubles.

Shots fruit, chocolate, strawberry - from 70 rubles.

Cakes according to your sketches - from 800 rubles.


Try the banquet menu!

Banquet test drive

Try the banquet menu!

We suggest you order a test drive of the banquet menu so that you know on a crucial day that everything is under control! The cost of the offer is 2,000 rubles.

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